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Digital solutions for electric depots

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Welcome to DepotFinity#

DepotFinity - Digital solutions for electric depots#

DepotFinity is a depot management application that provides the following features:

Monitor the charging operations in an electric vehicle depot

Generate and View reports on the charging operations

Diagnostics and load management

The electric vehicle depot is made up of several hardware elements - power distribution systems, the charging infrastructure, and Distributed Energy Systems. The depot might be connected to several different data streams, some internal to the depot like charger data, energy system data, depot operations, and some external to the system like energy markets and city data.

This complexity needs to be managed and this can be accomplished within the Siemens EVC3 Depot solution, a cloud offering to manage the charging operations within a depot. Developed on the Siemens secure, open IoT platform – Mindsphere, this cloud solution monitors, reports, optimizes and controls the individual components within the electric vehicle depot to deliver the customer business requirements with reduced CAPEX, reduced energy costs, and increased uptime.

The software is supplied as Software as a Service and differs from licensing-in of software in the following key respects:

Siemens allows access to its software through the internet, rather than providing the software to the customer electronically or on a CD

The software runs on servers owned or rented by Siemens rather than on on-premise customer servers

Siemens is responsible for operating and maintaining the software. As a result, there is no separate maintenance agreement, but a service level agreement governing availability and response and reaction times for technical problems.

The system is charger agnostic and uses open-source protocols (OCPP 1.6) to allow integration of third party chargers.

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