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Force Termination API#

The Force Termination API allows you to terminate the charger connection and make it offline.

API Usage#

See Token Management API for more information on how to create and use the access token.

Force Terminate Connection#

Prepare Request Body#

To prepare a request body, perform the following steps.

  1. Set charger ID to the request path parameter chargerId.
  2. Set Content-Type header as application/json as described in Force Termination API Reference.
Example Request#


Use the server URL applicable to your region. See [API Reference](./ for available server URLs applicable to your region.


curl --location --request PUT '$CHARGER_ID/forceTerminateConnection' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN'

Response Body#

Successful response returns 200 HTTP status code with response body as Success schema. For more information, see Force Termination API Reference.

Example Response#
  "code": 200,
  "message": "Charger Accepted."
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